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Therapeutic Guided Imagery

What is Therapeutic Guided Imagery?

Therapeutic Imagery is a guided journey, a guided visualization in which a client looks within and images or feelings, sights and sounds, even smells, can arise freely from the imagination. A living mythic story arises from within. There are different styles of Imagery Journeys, in some, the client is silent just experiencing the journey, and in others the client will speak aloud parts of their journey, allowing the hypnotherapist to adapt the journey to what the client is experiencing. Guided Imagery is also very effective in a Group Setting.

Why are Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery joined together?

Guided meditation and guided visualization are becoming more and more common in the word today especially in the yoga and meditation communities. But, experiencing a Guided Imagery Journey while in Hypnosis takes it to the next level.The Subconscious mind is the realm from which imagination and creativity arises. In the state of Hypnosis, the door to the subconscious mind is opened. Therefore, the images, visual, auditory, or sensory can arise more easily. The images arising during a hypnosis session come from a more profound place and the client’s own subconscious symbols often bring forth information that the conscious mind is not aware of.

A professional Hypnotherapist is skilled at navigating the realm of the subconscious, and knows how to guide and anchor an Imagery Journey while creating a safe and positive container for the experience. And then, the information gleamed from the Imagery Journey can be woven into positive hypnotic suggestions so as to have a positive effect in the client’s waking life.

In Summary, Guided Imagery is a Hypnotic tool which creates empowerment and transformation allowing a client the freedom to create a solid secure serene inner world filled with wisdom  which they can access at anytime.

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